All in the Mind?

Where is this all coming from? My first experience with this phenomena came during a weekend with Inward Inc. in Honolulu. This group has now grown into The Honolulu Church of Light, and its publications have gained an international following. It was a weekend where I had my first experience with automatic writing; table tapping; past life regression; psychometry and energetic healing. One of the exercises of the weekend was to take an object that someone often has with them and use the energy from this object to gain insight into the incarnations of the subject. As soon as I placed the object in my hand I saw the image of a white dove flying away. It looked like the cartoon drawing of an acid flashback. Soon after that I saw a Native American woman standing under a waterfall. I felt the urge to speak, and when I did, my words did not come out, what came out of my mouth was a message from the woman under the waterfall. Did I dream this, or imagine it? Did the object really hold a message from another incarnation? I found out afterwards from the woman who's object I was holding, that White Dove was a name that she felt she had in a previous incarnation as a Native American. Did she really live another life, or was this all in her mind? Does it matter? The experience had a profound affect on the person on that day. Many people had similar experiences with this exercise, so it was not just me. Whether or not some form or energy or message was passed through this object, the main part of this is that message given to the person, whether or not it was made up, was tangible. The automatic writing that was taught that weekend has grown and has now become a vital source of information and healing to those I practice this with. It is made up, or I am I able to tap into a source of knowledge? Again, in the end, however it was manifested, the information helped the person who received it. The hands on healing and visualization techniques taught that weekend have grown into Reiki and Vibrational Pulse Healing. On countless occasions people who have experienced these practices felt better afterwards, and their headache, limp, swelling, or what ever had been bothering them, no longer was an issue. Is it in their mind, or was it a real and tangible experience? Does it matter? Their pain and suffering had been eliminated. Many times while working with someone, visions, thoughts, ideas, words, questions and many other tidbits will pop up, things that I may or may not be imagining. However they are received, when transmitted to the person i am working with, they all seem to answer many of the questions and issues that had been a concern for a long period of time. So, does it matter if it was all in the mind? The funny thing about this, is just shows me how little respect people have for their mind or someone else's mind. Anything that can come up with a vision, or a story or a thought that relieves someone of pain, passes on a new way of looking at something and gives the person hope and an idea that they can run with, is worth exploring and deserving of respect.