Astrology of Earth

The earth has its own astrological pattern that is different from those that inhabit it. Instead of moving in a clockwise motion every thirty days, Mother Earth’s pattern is counter clockwise at a much slower pace, taking close to 2012 years to complete its rotation. This creates a motion that is similar to the gears in a clock: one large gear moving in the opposite direction, turning the smaller wheel along its edge. Alone, these gears are useless, together they create momentum and drive time forward. In order to understand this concept we need to take a quick look back in time, say about six thousand years or so. This might seem like a daunting task, we are dealing in much larger chunks of time, so in essence we are going to examine three or four of the large segments of time. Currently, we are in the early stages of the Aquarian Age. Aquarius is an air sign, that is ruled by Uranus. This being the case Aquarians thought patterns are quite analytical, and diverse, and they love to share those with others. Think about what is taking place in our world right now. At the moment you are reading this, you are involved in a very Aquarian event. You are reading the analytical thoughts of someone who is sharing them with others. These thoughts are being sent through the air, like the waves that are the symbol of Aquarius. Going backwards, the next sign we come to is Pisces. Pisces is a water sign. Looking back over the last two thousand or so years, we see that one of the major topics of discussion has been Christianity. The symbol of Christianity is a fish, a majority of the teachings contain stories about water. Baptism, which is considered the entry into a Christian faith is an immersion in water. In addition, fisherman were the main story tellers. Go back before that to the Age of Aries, the ram. Aries is a fire sign. A majority of the stories and teachings from that time involved fire. Moses received his message via a burning bush. Sacrifices by fire were predominant. Ram's blood played a major role in this time frame, as did the ram's horn. Many cornerstones of the Jewish faith come from this time frame. Next we come to the Age of Taurus, the bull. This was during the Age of the Pharoh. People of that time worshipped the Golden Calf. In addition, Taurians are known as great keepers. One glimpse into a pyramid is a dead give away of that trait. Moving on we come to Age of Gemini. The stories from that time all involve two people or groupings of twos. This is the time of Adam and Eve, the time of Noah, Cain and Abel and Sodom and Gomorrah, At each stage of the these two thousand year cycles we can clearly see tension. Much like music, the closer two elements are, the more tension they create. This tension creates energy and movement, with out energy and movement we would cease to exist. Time moves on, we can fight that fact and curse the tension that it creates, or we can practice acceptance and use the torque of the tension to propel us to the time when the Capricorn Age starts knocking on the door.