Climb into the Cavern

When we try to avoid the hole that we have dug for ourselves it will continue to be there, growing a bit deeper each day. When we go to great lengths to avoid it, we wind up draining our energy. We may be afraid that if we walk along the edges, we may lose our footing and fall deeper in the hole. By climbing into the cavern we confront our responsibilities directly. When we climb in and look around we may see a foot hold that we would have never noticed before. We may see a shimmer of gold among a pile of rocks. We may find a branch that we can use to pull ourselves a little closer to the surface. Perhaps we have a friend or relative who we felt has trivialized our predicament, and we allowed resentment to grow. Removing the resentment may give us a layer of fertile soil on which we can stand bringing us, closer still, to the other side of the cavern. Little by little we will see our progress. We are going to encounter many caverns along our journey. In time we can see that avoiding them tends to put greater distance from being a responsible productive being.