DC al Coda

I was given the opportunity to travel this month to two very special events. Although, combined these events did not lead to much monetary profit, the rewards from these events will be paying off for years to come. The response I have received from the vendors, healers and readers that I have worked with in Columbus, Allentown and Buffalo has been tremendous. So many have come to me to offer their support and advice, and I am grateful to them all. I have a few things that interest me. I enjoy cooking, and I can talk about baseball all day long. All of these are fun to do and talk about, but none of them have really anything to do with why I have been attending these events. With each event I do, I am more certain that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Healing with music. I can not take my eyes off the ball, or swing at a pitch in the dirt. I can not become more involved in making side dishes then in making the main course. Even though I have studied music with some of the top teachers in New York City and in Boston, the advice given by a county bumpkin Navy Master Chief Musician named LeRoy many years ago at the US Navy School of Music in Little Creek, Va has never rang truer. "Dance with the one that brung ya". Thanks to all of you who helped focus my energy during the last month or so. I am grateful and blessed to have met all of you.