Finding Your Pitch

In music understanding the tonal center is a vital aspect of both composition and enjoyment. This central pitch is what all other notes are measured against. If this center of pitch is well defined, then the tension and release of the music will come about almost effortlessly. If the center of pitch is not well defined, then both the listener and composer will have a difficult time understanding and working within it's confines. Confusion will set in, and all involved become frustrated. Perhaps the same problems in your daily life keep cropping up. People seem to have trouble understanding what you saying, or they find it difficult to work with you. How have you defined your pitch center? Is it defined by ego? Do you feel as if everybody else does not have the ears to hear your center of tonality? Do you feel that no one understands you because you are too hip for the room? It is important to find that true resonating point within you. When your true center is established and well defined then the tension and release of everyday life will come about almost effortlessly. Is it possible that your center of pitch is in need of a tune up? One thing I have discovered is that it takes more energy to play a wrong note then a right one. We often go to many lengths to avoid the fact that we simply made a mistake. Or perhaps your life's work goes against your true center of pitch. It maybe time to analyze your own music and find out if a change of key will bring about more peace, energy and abundance in your life.