Four Letter Word, Starting With F

The temptation to experience this word has often led to us to do things that we normally would not do. We think nothing of the other party or parties involved if we sense this word in the equation. We have screamed this word in delight, and mumbled it under our breath in disgust. Some of us have searched through countless newspapers and internet sites in our quest for it. Many of us brag about how often we have experienced it, others, bemoan how little they had the experience. Is this word really worth the effort? Will we remember who shared in this experience? There is a good chance that what we thought we gained will not last. The experience will probably have the energy of a sneeze: a sudden release of energy, followed by messy hands or face. Based on how little of this word I have experienced, I am firmly convinced that it is something that will never be a part of my life, or my world. Something will always prevent me from this experience, something will always come about to show me that there really is no such thing as free.