Heat Spell

The weather in the northeast has been extremely hot. Because of this, I spent more time doing nothing that I have in quite a long time. Doing nothing leads me to do nothing, and that leads me to some slightly twisted thinking. I am going to have to drag my little rear end downstairs to my studio and start a new composition or two. An artist who I met in Birch Run has offered to assist with the cover to "Awaken the Past." I hadn't listened to any of the tracks in a few weeks. Even though I created the music, I was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards. Of all the people I have assisted in healing, I normally hold off healing myself. Birch Run reminded me that I do good work, and that people who come to me are seeking help. I am not the kind of psychic or healer who is there to tell you what someone else is doing to you. People come to me so I can tell them what they are doing to themselves. I had gotten out of that practice for myself, well, gotten out of it in a caring manner. I used to live by a three asshole rule, if I meet three assholes in a row, I am the biggest one. I have met far too many assholes in the last few weeks, so it is time for me to work some healing on myself. A new and very special friend of mine asked if I did Reiki on myself, and I said no. She told me she was going to ask me the same question every time she talked to me. So, I have started shining the healing light on myself, and I like it. like I always tell people who come to me for advice, is that you have to be selfish, simply meaning, you have to care for yourself before you care for anyone else. So much of my time has been spent coping and living with my mother's dementia, I had forgotten to take care of me. I would like to thank my friends who called me out on the last, since deleted posts. Hope all who read this have a wonderful, and selfish summer.