Recognizing Energy

For the most part, human beings are not as attuned to energy as other beings we share the planet with. All of us have heard of animals sensing earthquakes, weather events, fear, and countless other energy events. If our life depended upon this we may be more aware that everything around us has an energetic fingerprint. Understanding this is twofold, first we need to recognize the energy, and two; how can we put this energy to our best and most perfect use. I offer you a few exercises that you can try as a way of recognizing these patterns. For a moment, focus your attention to your hands. Imagine a camera lens in the center of your palms. Open the lens all the way and try to remember how that feels. See if you can sense a difference with the lens open half way. Experiment a bit until you can recognize any subtle changes. Next time you are at a traffic light, hold one of your hands towards the opposing traffic signal. See if you notice a change when the light switches from green to yellow. Place a few books or magazines in front of you, some open and some closed. Hold your hands over the open books, and then over the closed ones, see if you sense a difference. See if you can create some exercises on your own to help you recognize energy patterns that are important to you. Overtime, there is a good chance that you gain more insight and awareness of the energy patterns around you, and discover ways that this insight can assist you in many aspects of your life.