Stepping Out of Your Shadow

The shadow of expectation hovers over many of us, blocking a few moments of light each day. As this shadow takes hold, our days appear to be shorter. In time, it becomes difficult to be view anything outside the haze of this shadow. This can lead a person to feel as though they were born under a dark cloud. Could this cloud be the shadow of expectation? Where did these expectations come from? Did we put them on ourselves, or did we allow someone to pin them to us, like the tail on a donkey? We need to ask ourselves how we feel about what is expected of us. Is it in line with our own thoughts and beliefs, or do we feel put upon by them? The answers to those questions lead us to the next question: am I ready to step out the shadows and into the light? Stepping into the light requires courage and belief. At first the light may be blinding; it usually is when one first opens their eyes.