Two Ladies Needed

I will be the first to admit that I need these ladies in my life. It has been quite sometime since I have had the pleasure of their company. When they are around, I feel better, and I get along better with others. The grass is greener, traffic disappears, and I don't even mind when the Mets lose. When they are not a part of my life, I tend to isolate; curse at the tv when runners are stranded in scoring position, and go days without speaking to another soul. I've looked everywhere for these two gems. Maybe I'll find them by the end of this post. After all, sometimes a good letter can rekindle a friendship. The truth is, I miss these two very much. I am hoping that they will come back to me for I am ready to accept them both in my life, for without their warmth, love and guidance I am truly an empty vessel. When a vessel is empty, the vacuum that it creates will draw in anything it can to fill itself. What if an empty gas can filled itself with milk? That would not benefit anyone. You couldn't use it in your car, and you couldn't drink it, all in all a waste of time and energy. What do you know, I am beginning to feel their energy and love surrounding me. Turns out they weren't as far away as I thought they were. Please allow me to introduce you to my good friends, to my left is Joy, and to my right, is Grace. Like money attracting money, these two ladies are drawing in another lost lady. I can see Faith rounding the corner, and she is heading in my direction.