One Size Fits All?

Opening day is few days away, that means for a few hours everyday, I will be in front of the television watching the Mets. In a month or two, Citi Field will have Cap Day, where you get a replica hat that fits everyone. Anytime something is offered as one size fits all, it seems as if it doesn't really fit anyone. You are stuck with a two inch plastic flap that sticks out to one side, and causes the hat to poke out in the back. It makes the hat look like you had to pin to your head for it to fit you. On the other hand, the hat makes your head look like six pounds of sausage in a five pound skin. For me, one size fits all doesn't cut it. Sure it can work in a pinch, but over the course of time, the realities that it brings will always surface.

Every situation, although similar for some, will be different. Dealing with individuals, these situations can be tailored for what works best. I feel the same way whenever I am told that there is a magic healing technique, with a fancy name, originally discovered by cavemen, and has just been rediscovered.
I've never been a conformist, when others zigged, I zagged. I zigged my way to c's d's and f's in public school. I zagged my way to graduating with honors in college. I tried walking in the middle of the path and found myself getting lost in boredom. Everyone is different. What works for one, will not work for others. One size may fit many, but it doesn't fit me.