Readings, Healing, Music and Art

Readings, Healing, Music and Art is the next logical step in a healing practice that has allowed me to meet many new people in cities in both the US and Canada. Along with fellow Master Healer Amy Terefenko we work together to  quietly assist your body into a receptive state, enabling healing to occur on multi-dimensions. Healing modalities may include Shamballa, Vibrational Pulse Healing, Reiki and the healing energy of crystals and feathers.

We offer readings that are different than the typical tarot or palm reading. By using a very simple and fun technique, often referred to as marble art, you create a painting that can reveal an infinite number of symbols and images that reflect your soul's energy. These images and symbols can be interpreted like the cards you pull from the tarot deck.
We will be attending events in the Eastern US, as well as offering home gatherings. We also offer healing to your pets. Of course, you can always purchase all available Music to Heal By CD's at any of our events.

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