Raleigh Fever

For the second time in three years, I woke up after the BMSE event in Raleigh, shivering with a high fever. I was cursing the world, wondering just why I had gotten another case of Raleigh fever. It took me a few hours to understand, that what was causing my fever was not Raleigh fever, it was merely a virus. I did realize that I did indeed catch something while in Raleigh, and I am very grateful that I did. I learned that:

Raleigh fever spreads by inspiring someone who felt as is their life was stuck on hold.

Raleigh fever spreads by opening a hardened heart to spirit.

Raleigh fever spreads by one person telling another about a recurring dream that finally makes sense.

Raleigh fever spreads by showing love to someone who feels trapped in a loveless relationship.

Raleigh fever spreads by one person telling another, who tells another, who tells another.

I was very grateful that I caught Raleigh fever a few weeks ago while participating in the Body Mind Spirit Expo. The weekend was wonderful. I met so many warm and friendly people who allowed my hardened heart to open up to spirit. There was one beautiful family who sent their friends and family to me for the entire weekend. There were others who sent their friends to my table. There were vendors who came to me for a reading. There were expo volunteers who came to see me as well.

It turns out that Raleigh fever is contagious. It spread to those around me and morphed into Reading fever, where similar things transpired.

It took a case of Raleigh fever to understand what I did not understand before.