Now is Now

There are many books that I have tried to read throughout my life. The only two I currently can remember finishing are "The Amazing Mets" and "Mutant Message Down Under."

One of the more intriguing books I started to read is "The Power of Now." After waiting for what seemed like forever, now is now here. It has always been here, yet I never recognized or exercised the energy that now brings.

Since my last post, now has caught up with me rather suddenly. It is here and it is demanding to be acknowledged.

Living now is something that I have not done in quite a few years, so, at times, my mind can fall into the rut left from dragging my past into almost all of my actions. Acknowledging and learning from the past is a fine thing, carrying it into everything that you do is not.

Now is here because I asked it to be. It is the answer to my prayers, and the prayers of my friends and family. Now needs to be handled now, not later, nor put off for tomorrow. Now can be a demanding bitch, or a gentle breeze. The important thing is to understand that divine timing has presented now, now, just when it was needed the most.