A New Understanding

At every event that I attend, there are several vendors and readers who's main focus is Angels. People that I know who were previously unsuccessful tell me that things changed for them when they started working with the Angels. When an event is not going as I hoped it would, I am often told, 'ask your Angels.'

Many times I have asked, and nothing happened. Time after time after time, my feelings, and the stark reality of the results, show that I am often at the bottom rung of a group of vendors who are not making a dime.

I did not start in this business for money. Although, I am good at what I do, and I deserve to be paid for my skills, I was led here to serve and to help those in need. Almost always, when someone leaves my space after a reading or healing, they are happy, and tell me that I have made an impact on their life. They are grateful that they were given steps to guide them to the next best level of their life. The pages and pages of positive and glowing reviews reflect that fact.

If I told them that next Tuesday, a man in a green tie, standing on the corner in the rain was going to change their life , they would not be leaving happy. I will have done nothing except give out false hope and an easy answer. On top of that, they would be really mad at me when next Tuesday turns out to be a sunny day, and their life is still the same.

That type of reading shows outcomes based on behavior patterns, but leaves free will as a non existent factor. My feeling is a reading is an examination of your soul. Self examination and determination, coupled with faith and loving actions changes your life. Waiting for a man on the corner in the rain does not.

My attempts at working with Angels are somewhat fruitful, but almost on par with the results when I have not asked for their assistance. My last event was my bottom. It taught me that I have to change my outlook about Angels. A frilly winged cherub with a bag full of magic dust, does not resonate with me. Nor does a woman in a white robe, or a man with a crown.

So, what am I looking for in my relationship with Angels? I do not want an easy answer, nor do I want to have to hit bottom in order to learn. Simple dialogue and assistance clearing up the messes that I can not clean up for myself would be very nice.

For me, each and every day, begins and ends with prayer. Since this is the case, I have often thought that I may be going against my belief and understanding of God if I seek help from Angels. My time in military bands suggests that it may help if I look at Angels as God's chain of command.

It is becoming clearer to me that Angels are everywhere, and in everything. They are a catalyst for the energy that turns thought into action. Since my mind is riddled with addiction; attention deficit issues; dyslexia; depression; dystonia, and the New York Mets, my thoughts often go against my beliefs and the outcome of these thoughts and actions are far from what I had hoped for. This is where I have to understand that Angles can do for me, what I can not do for myself.

Earlier, I mentioned that free will is an element that simply can not be ignored. As much as Angels want to assist, it is up to each individual to invite them into their life. Even though I consider this blog as my invitation for Angles to be in my life, I know that I have to take the time and personally invite them into my life.