The Shift is On

December 21, 2012 was slated to be a special day. Many people feel that the day simply passed and nothing happened, the world did not end; pigs did not fly; and there was no rapture. There are others, myself included, who feel that this was a highly eventful day, which opened the doors for better days.

For me, the winter solstice of 2012 held a special interest. I was born December 21, at 12 noon, or as someone once pointed out, the brightest moment of the darkest day. It was also a master number birthday, which besides qualifying me for the senior breakfast at IHOP, adds up to 1. For me, 1's represents the time when the spark hits the tinder.

What I find to be evidence of the shift in my life is that suddenly several compulsions and bad habits, along with  thought patterns that plagued me, simply stopped. Things that I could never overcome completely vanished. Even if try to do them again, I can not. It has been amazing. Others in my life have noticed that they have undergone some of the same type of changes. Words and phrases that served no purpose, are gone. Time wasting practices have gone by the wayside. As some one told me, 2012 years of what felt like bad luck is over.

Many people have been waiting for all the if's in their life to come alive. At the heart of the word shift is if. The if and whens are now the here and nows.

Spirit would like to offer this simple mantra for all who read this: "Live as if."

If you live as if, you are living the shift. It is my wish that we will be loving the shift as well.