Coming Soon

After a long labor of love and learning, my newest CD is scheduled to be released in time for the Spring MUM Spiritual Holistic Expo in Allentown, Pa, May 18-19th.

"We Bring You Peace" is a collection of musical offerings of peace gifted from different guides; groups; realms and galaxies. There are gifts of peace from "The Order of Melchizidek" "The Imps, Faeries and Menehunes" "The Sisters of Fire and Love" more commonly known as Pele and Kwan Yin; "The Angelic Realm" and "The Young Elders of Arcturus." In addition, there are gifts of peace for "The Earth" "The Crystal Healers of Atlantis" and for all who have felt unloved, unrecognized, unfulfilled, etc, etc, etc, "The Un"

In the years that I have been composing, there was hardly a work that took more than a week or two at the most to complete. Some of the tracks have taken six months or longer to compose. There were times when the going was slow, that I thought that perhaps it was slow because the project was not meant to be. Now, I understand that I was the only thing preventing the completion of the project.

I would like to ask all of you who support and believe in my work to take a minute of your time and send a gift of peace, be it in positive energy; intention; loving light; or donation, for the timely and perfect completion of this project.

Thank you for visiting Music to Heal By. I stayed away from the site for some time, for reasons that I really do not understand as of yet. Now, I am back and committed to making this a worthwhile site for all who seek  personal growth; connection to Spirit, and good music.