Turning 30, Again

The decade of my thirties was perhaps my favorite and most productive time in my life. While that decade  started off on what appeared to be shaky ground it yielded many memories and lessons that have stood the test of time.

As I hit thirty alcohol free years I can feel the same buzz that I felt back then. There are new opportunities for me. My work is becoming more respected and doors are opening for me as a composer, healer, intuitive reader and as a friend, companion and lover.

The evidence of Divine Timing working in my life has been overwhelming. It has been laughable, how within minutes of griping that I am loser, and nothing ever works out, the evidence of a partnership with the Universe is staring me in the face. This partnership has been with me all of the time, I just did not recognize it as such. If you have felt that only know one side of the coin,  you have no idea what the other side looks like.

I first learned about the power of prayer shortly after my thirtieth birthday. Not a day goes by that I do not start or end a day with prayer. Over the course of time, my prayers have changed somewhat. However, the biggest change has been that during my forties and early fifties, I forgot to trust my prayers. I had forgotten what my good friend "Wheel Chair Joe" always told me, 'your prayers are answered three ways, yes, no and not at this time.' I can not begin to count how many times I shared that gem with someone.

Knowing both sides of the coin, allows you to put that coin into use. Sometimes you get your money's worth, and sometimes you don't, the only truth is that it isn't worth anything if you do not use it.