Learning to Listen

As a musician who never trusted his ears, learning to listen seems like a daunting task. What I am finding to be even harder, is not listening.
By not listening you often miss vital information that comes straight from your heart, and is offered with love from the Universe. Generally speaking, this information normally makes everything flow smoothly. Not listening creates log jams at cadences or at the crossroads of life. Not trusting your inner voice puts you in a position where you have to work much harder than necessary.

Granted, everything you may feel, hear or sense is not Divinely given. It takes a bit of time to recognize loving and caring thoughts as opposed to thoughts that are rooted in addictions, depression or other burdens. Divinely guided thoughts or words are often spoken to you in quiet, yet profound fashion. Thoughts not born of divinity are often yelled, or given abruptly. If you can learn to recognize the difference between the two, you are well on your way to self realization.