"We Bring You Peace"

After several years of work, my newest CD, "We Bring You Peace" is now available for sale. "We Bring You Peace" is a collection of musical gifts of peace from the creative collective consciousness of several realms, realities, entities and energies. Each selection is intended to create a sense of peace and wellbeing for the listener.

Some songs virtually wrote themselves, others were a labor of healing and love. Like my first CD, "Music for your Spleen, musical meditations through the five elements of Chinese medicine" my intention was to use music to heal others, what came about was a personal deep seated healing for myself.  Not to say that the music is not healing anyone other than myself, many people have commented that the music has bought them a sense of well being and peace.

Two songs in particular took a long time to compose, the track gifted to the Crystal Lightworkers, and the track gifted to the Un. Looking back on both of these tracks, I see that I was indeed writing this for myself first. "To the Un" simply would not end, I continually  found new ideas that were forcing their way into the music. What I have realized is that this piece is an unfinished work, a work that is dedicated to its title.

My wish is that you enjoy the music. It is different than my other works, it is truly an evolution of time and new insights.