Music for Your Spleen: Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations can be a wonderful tool of growth and transformation. Try these with or without the music, or if you like invite some like minded friends over for a group meditation and share your visions. Do not get upset if you fall asleep, or if you feel you have not gotten anything from this. At least you had a few minutes to lie down and maybe have a quick nap.

Breathe white light into your lungs. Draw that light deep into your chest. Imagine a body of water just ahead of you. Walk to the water’s edge. Slowly dip your toes into it. The water is warm and inviting.  Walk a few more feet into the water,
until it is up to your shoulders. Lift your legs up and begin to float on your back. Just be still and allow the water to take you wherever it will. Feel your fingers getting longer and longer. Let them go out and gather information about your past and future. Don't dwell on what they will bring back to you, just let them go. You do not have to anything. Just be. At times you may feel sorrowful. Allow the water to flush that sorrow from you. After all, it is water under the bridge.  Now, imagine the earth as a juicy peach. Take a big bite out of it and let the juices run down your chin, tasting the sweetness of life on your tongue. Allow yourself to float upon the water as you watch the setting sun. Listen to the metal cutting away what is not needed and building new ways to understanding what is. Be grateful for what you have, and be ready for new adventures to come your way.


Let yourself drift to a carefree time as a youth enjoying a summer day. Slowly become aware of your heart beating inside of you, yearning to be set free. Feel your skin becoming warmer. The energy inside becomes stronger with each beat of your heart. You feel it building inside of you, trying to break free. It is almost ready to burst open. Allow the energy to break free of its harness and float about with ease. You soon come to a pool of fire. You jump in fearlessly. The color of the fire is magnificent, and you move about it freely, for you know it simply burning off what is no longer needed. You become ready to build a new life from the ashes, knowing that they are the nourishment of your soul. Begin your journey back to the present moment, awakening refreshed and renewed, with a zest for life.


You stand by yourself, arms stretched outward receiving a radiant green light. It is spring, the time for new birth. It is time to plant the seed of your dreams in the rich fertile earth. You take a branch from a nearby tree and use it to till the soil. Take some soil in your hand and feel how soft it is. Plant your seed and then move on. Up ahead is a field of wheat. You take a stalk and chew on it as you continue to walk. The bitter taste of the wheat stalk brings up thoughts of anger. The anger will subside and the stalk will become sweeter as you get closer to the kernels of truth. You come to a canyon, and you cross the canyon with total faith that you will not fall. When you reach the other side you lay on the grass and rest. The top of your head begins to open and from your crown chakra emerges a crystal plum on a green satin pillow. Place the pillow and the plum on your chest and drift off. When you awaken, face the rising sun, relaxed, and with renewed vision, eager to pass on your new-found knowledge to others.


Become still. Allow the salty water of the sea to engulf your body. Let it take you to a small island created entirely of black pearls. Using your instinct, lay facing the north end of the island. Cover your entire body with the black pearl sand. Be certain that you are completely covered in this black pearl paste. Make sure there is no light escaping. Wait a few seconds for the paste to harden. Soon you will begin to descend through a series of canals. Just allow yourself to float in your black pearl cocoon. Enjoy the visions that come to you, but do not dwell on them. A hand with a black tortoise ring on its pinky will lift you out of your cocoon. You will be led in peace to a room set up for a feast. The room is full of abundance. When you sense that it will soon be time to go, choose what you want to take back with you. Enjoy the stillness. Welcome the quiet. The bell will toll, signifying it is time to put your gifts to use.


Visualize a ball of yellow light in your stomach. It is not very big, just about the size of a grape. Let the light expand inside of you. Feels its warmth and energy. Soon you will be overcome by this yellow light. This is where we begin our transformation from child to adult. This is time for production. You encounter the many ideas you have dreamt about, yet never put into action. They are still there for you to grab. They were all laid out in front of you in the very beginning. See them sprout from the nourishing earth. Begin a romance with your ideas. Treat them with respect and kindness and they will flourish. Disrespect them, or use them to gratify your ego and nothing more, and they will wither away. Nourish them with the waste from what no longer works. Time is to live, not waste.