Summer Plans Update

The new CD was going along very nicely, until I spilled a glass of water on my laptop. When I took my computer to be repaired, I was told that I may have to replace it if there is water damage. While waiting for the news, I did my research on a new computer, and had mixed feelings about the repair. I would love a new computer, but really can not afford it. When I got the call that there was no water damage, I was very happy. Since I was excited about the new computer I decided to upgrade my operating system.

Little did I know, that the upgrade would wipe out two thirds of my studio.

I was planning on changing my composing software, since I could longer use customer support. Now I am forced to move to the new program a bit earlier.

If every thing goes well, I will be up and running with the new program in a week or so, and I will be back to work on the new CD. There are a few things I can still do on the old program, so I will continue to write, and save everything as a midi file.

The music I have composed so far seems to be working.  For the most part, I remained calm and peaceful through out the process. Now I am just waiting for my new interface and software to arrive. While waiting, I will try to learn as much as I can about Logic Studio, so I can start making music when everything is in place.