Summer Plans

The majority of the summer will be spent working on a new CD called 'We Bring You Peace." So far, I am almost done with one track, which is a blessing of peace from the Order of Melchizidek. This offering did not turn out the way that I expected. My first thought that it was going to be peaceful, yet have a sense of reverence to it. It is a playful piece, about four minutes long, that is surprisingly upbeat. Not sure where the next peace offering will come from. Currently, an idea for one from the the Imps, Fairies and Menehunes is in the system.  My goal is to have this project done in time to release it at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Skokie, Il in late August.

A few months ago, I discovered a tape of the "Psychic Visions" television program, that aired in Honolulu in the early 90's. I was one of three psychics who hosted the program. We were on every other Thursday, going up against Seinfeld in it's hay day. We actually got a few thousand people to watch the program. The opening credits were set over a painting of several planets, that I thought was very nice.  It was not until the closing credits that I learned that I was the one who did the painting. In between, composing, gardening and watching the Mets, I will get out my spray paint and templates and see what I can create.

Hope everyone has a summer full of peace, prosperity and love.