Spring Milestone

My first spring milestone has arrived, Major League Baseball's opening day. Not sure what it is about baseball that I enjoy, I guess that each game is similar, yet you see something you have never seen before on a regular basis, plus It opens me up to hope.

Recently I have decided to actively live with hope and work on manifesting only positive things in my life. Since I have started this about a week ago, I have learned a few things about manifestation. It is important to have a clear goal in mind.

As my favorite team prepares for what many feel will be a lost season, I am looking ahead with hope. For years I felt as if my emotions and outcomes in life were tied to the Mets, if they were losing, I was depressed, if they were winning I was happy. Good thing that they started winning in my late twenties. I know now that my emotions, and my outcomes are my doing, and the Mets winning or losing a game has nothing to do with it.

The team's goal entering the season is to be competitive. Many times, even before I start a task, I already see, feel and expect failure. I will no longer except failure in my life, if it knocks at the door, I am turning it away. My goal is to help as many people as possible, through my gifts as a composer, healer and psychic advisor, while being able to become financially independent as a result of this work. I can't wait for the VA to come through, or to hit the lottery, or wait for government disability to assist me, it is time to act.

There will be no more swinging at pitches in the dirt for me. No one is going to fool me with a high fast ball or a mean curve. With the help of God and the support and love of the universe, I will attain and exceed my goals. And, I need to be more involved and elated when my goals are met, as opposed to being happiest when the Mets meet their goals.

So, Lets Go Mets, and Lets Go Frank!!