Busy Season Approaching

Coming to that time of year where I get a bit busier. My favorite fairs are coming up, and I was inviting back to the Sound Light and Ascension Expo in Louisville in September. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my time is tied up with my mother, so I didn't do much composing. For some reason, anytime I went to my basement studio, she would get a bit nervous because she wasn't able to see me easily. I discovered that I have to let her see me every fifteen or twenty minutes for her to understand who I am. Would like to see how my music helps dementia. The hard part is her attention span is worse than, look, there's a penny, mine.

I learned that a local hospice is now using "Music For Your Spleen" as a means of relaxation and pain management. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to bring some Reiki there on a volunteer basis. It is nice to get involved with some of the local readers and healers. I do the majority of my work out of state, so when I work, it is work and escape as well, and often the escape becomes more important to me.

All this means is that I better start preparing myself for these events. it is the time to bring the music to many people, and to help as many people as possible. One reason I am thrilled to have been asked back to Louisville is the Ascension is how I got started in this arena, and the first healing technique that I learned was giving light, and I compose music specifically designed to heal, so it is the right place for me to be.

If any of you are baseball fans, I have started a blog about the NY Mets. www.metsamets.com. If you are aware of the type of season the Mets are having,  you will have a clue as to why my depression is acting up again. I can stay away from a drink for coming up on twenty seven years in a week or so, I have not found a reason to pick up a cigarette in twenty six years, not sure why I have to watch every inning of every game.